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Tenants Terms of Business (T.O.B)

Below are key words explained to you, that you will come across throughout a tenancy. When you sign our Terms Of Business you are signing to say that you understand and comply (where applicable).

Credit Reference

Each person who is applying for a tenancy must consent to a credit search being carried out and references sought. Our admin/reference fee will required for this to be carried out, it will also hold the property for you while your references are being processed. If you know of a problem with your credit history then you may still be able to successfully apply for the property, as long as you tell us about the problem. If you mislead us about your credit history then your application will be rejected automatically.

Proof of Identity

We require proof of ID and residency

For residency – A utility bill/council tax/mobile phone that’s states your current address and is within 3 months old is required

For Identity – Photo style driving license or passport

If you are not a citizen of the EU then evidence of permission to reside in the UK for the term of the proposed tenancy. You will also need to provide a copy of any work permit or contract that you have and the term on your contact must exceed the term of the tenancy that you are looking to take.

Qualifying Income

Your annual income will need to qualify in order for you to be referenced-please see Affordability Calculator . If your income is less than specified you will need a guarantor. If you are sharing the tenancy then your qualifying income will be calculated on your share of the rent.


Is a person who will honour the Tenancy Agreement in addition to the signing tenants. A suitable guarantor must: have a qualifying income, have a clean credit history, complete a guarantor application form, sign a deed of guarantee and pay a referencing fee. For further information please see Becoming a Guarantor


If your application is rejected any fees you have paid to us will not be refunded. If you withdraw your application or fail to take action to process it after a request by the credit company, no monies will be refunded. If the landlord withdraws the property before the Tenancy is signed then we will refund all the monies you have paid to us.

Tenancy Agreement

There is no contract in place until the Tenancy Agreement is signed by both parties.

If there is more than one tenant then each tenant is “Joint and Severally Liable” meaning they take responsibility for the payment of all the rent and making good any damage.

Security Deposit

A deposit of 6 weeks rent will be collected on the signing of the Tenancy Agreement and held in our DPS account, unless the property is tenant find only then this will be held in the Landlords account.


Your first month’s rent is payable on the signing of the Tenancy Agreement along with the deposit and check out fee. Future rent is payable by standing order, the standing order will be set up to be taken 2 days prior to the rent due date in order to make sure that cleared funds have reached our account in time to pay your landlord. Any late rent may occur a charge if we have not been given prior notice.

Release of Keys

Under no circumstances will keys be released until the Tenancy Agreement is signed by all parties and the first month’s rent and deposit has been paid in cleared funds.


If an inventory is provided you are responsible to check its accuracy and return any discrepancies within 7 days using the Inventory Supplement provided on move in. If no changed are made to the original inventory, the original inventory will be used for inspections and check out.


You are responsible for insuring your personal possessions. Brewers The Lettings Agency can assist you on getting a very competitive quote and arranging cover.


You are responsible for ensuring that all accounts are transferred into your name and that all bills are paid during the tenancy. This includes council tax, all utility bills, telephone and TV license. You must request permission to install any new media inc telephone and broadband into the property.

Tenancy Renewal

Subject to the Landlords consent we will offer a renewal of tenancy on a fixed term basis subject to payment of a renewal fee and the signing of a supplement. We will write to you in advance of the expiry of your agreement however if we do not hear from you then we will commence marketing to find a new tenant.

Referencing on release

If you require a reference from us on move out for another Letting Agent there is a fee required before this can be released.