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Is Your Property Ready to Rent Out?

This useful checklist documents a landlord’s ‘to-dos’ prior to a tenant moving in:

  1. Landlord’s Terms of Business signed and handed back to agent with ID
  2. EPC & Gas Safety Certs. given to the agent or instruction to carry out
  3. Personal items removed from property
  4. Any loft space, garage, shed and storage cupboards cleared
  5. Bins emptied and any rubbish cleared
  6. Kitchen cupboards cleared of any food /cleaning products etc
  7. Property cleaned – professional quotes provided
  8. Carpets cleaned – professional quotes provided
  9. Oven cleaned – professional quotes provided
  10. Post re-directed
  11. Council tax and utility providers contacted with your forward address
  12. Credit left on any pre-pad meters
  13. Instruction manuals provided for appliances
  14. 3 sets of front door keys given to the agent, all other keys left in property along with any parking permits